Mass Tort

Paraquat Could Be the Next Big Mass Tort

Recent developments with the EPA regarding Paraquat have increased the attention to this dangerous and deadly herbicide. As a result, more individuals are coming forward alleging they sustained injuries or were diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease after exposure to Paraquat. As more research links Paraquat to Parkinson’s and more people file lawsuits against the manufacturer of… read more

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Elmiron Lawsuits Surge as MDL Begins

Elmiron – a medication used to treat interstitial cystitis, a type of bladder disorder – is currently under fire along with its manufacturer, Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Multidistrict litigation or MDL has finally begun, which includes 196 cases alleging serious product liability claims regarding Elmiron. Most of the cases (171 in total) were filed in New Jersey… read more

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What’s the Difference Between A Mass Tort and a Class Action Law Suit?

Legal terms can sometimes be confusing. Something may sound similar but have vastly different meanings. Many people have heard the terms “mass tort” and “class action lawsuit,” but they may not know what makes the two personal injury claims different. What is a Tort? First, let’s define tort; both actions involve torts. A tort is… read more

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